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2008 Polaris RZR Voltage Regulator Relocation Harness

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Charging issues solved with voltage regulator relocation

Have you noticed your battery light blinking on your 2008 Polaris RZR? This alarm is telling you that the battery voltage on your RZR is too low. You would think that with a 500W stator that the RZR would have no problem keeping everything running. But even with no accessories and just the factory headlights and cooling fan on, many owners have encountered low voltage issues with their 2008 RZR.

One main reason that causes this problem is your voltage regulator. The voltage regulator is designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level. In doing that work, the regulator will generate heat.

Your voltage regulator needs to stay cool to properly charge your battery. 2008 RZRs have a problem with keeping the voltage regulator cool because it is located under the driver's seat.

RZR-VoltageRegulator-001-770585.jpg Once the regulator stops working, any power generated from the stator will not reach your electrical system and the battery voltage will drop. Then the battery light on your dash will start blinking and it is just a matter of time before you are stranded.

Polaris solved this problem on the 2009 RZRs by moving the voltage regulator up in front of the radiator. Now you can do the same thing on your 2008 RZR without cutting any wires! Our wire extension allows you to move your voltage regulator from under the seat (no air flow = overheating) to in front of the radiator just like Polaris did on the 2009 models.


This is a 10 1/2 foot long extension, using the correct Packard/Delphi connectors and terminals and assembled with correct Packard tooling. The harnesses will be made using high quality Cross Link Polymer wire and covered in high temp, flexible woven loom. This harness allows you to disconnect the voltage regulator on your 2008 Polaris RZR (under driver's seat) and relocate in front of the radiator like you find on 2009 RZRs.


November 19, 2008 - Autotrend is currently taking pre-orders for first-run of this harness. Price per unit for this run will be $48.95 plus applicable tax and S&H. If you'd like to reserve a harness, use the email link below or call Autotrend directly. Name, address, phone number and C/C number are required. Credit card will not be charged until harnesses are built.

Please note that you will need a bracket to mount the regulator up in front of the radiator as shown in the 2009 RZR photo above. You can order a bracket from your Polaris dealer - Part # - PL5252587.

Autotrend EFI

Telephone: (530) 642-0999

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.autotrendefi.com/

More details: http://www.autotrendefi.com/rzr_regulator_harness.html

More information regarding the voltage regulator issue for 2008 Polaris RZRs can be found here:

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Great post on the RZR wiring harness.

I have talked to Dave at autotrend and will get one on the way.

I must have missed this post on the RZR forums as there are so many new post in a days time I usually don't wade through all of them.

Besides the factory lighting I have added lights front and rear, two way radio, spot lights, warning lights, and possibly a heater this winter.

If the regulator gets caked with mud or dirt where it is located it will over heat so moving it up front and higher is a good idea and what Polaris has done for 09.


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