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BITD Henderson?s Fabtech 400

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The 2008 race format is going to be totally different from the last four years. We are still going to be starting in the same location on private property out in the Eldorado Valley, 15 miles from downtown Henderson, with a brand new grand prix course in the infield. The infield will offer great place [...]

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    • By Kierobi
      New to owning a UTV and got myself a project one as my first one. 
      Changed out the clutch and clutch housing etc. as the UTV was having problems going up hills and getting up to speed but now in the process of putting it all back together it won't start. Also changed fan gears for shifter
      Here's what I've found so far (apologies for the bullet points);
      Motor will crank over and makes good turnover speed.  If I use spark plug tester or ground to engine, no spark.  At the connector to the ignition coil I get consistent 12v on the white wire and nothing at the black. Read in one of the posts that the 12v to the white wire should be intermittent when trying to get a spark at the plug? Tested ignition coil using a multimeter on resistance setting. Between two pins I get 0.46 ohms or thereabouts. Between either pin and spark plug boot I get somewhere around 16k ohms. Not really found a good video on testing these coils but think those are good readings.  Checked fuses in fuse box and are all good.  Fuel pump cycles on when I turn key to on position.  I disconnected the ignition coil to remove the clutch etc. to get it out the way but don't think I've damaged anything in the process.  Can anyone point me in the direction of what to try next? Been trying to use the manual but considering the test procedure for the ignition coil is for the wrong type of coil, it's not been too helpful. I've read on another post about checking the ECM the two pins with 12v etc so will take a look at that next but any ideas that could get this machine started again are welcome!

    • By Robert B
      Going down a 20 deg hill engine is holding UTV back. Then something releases like going into Neutral and makes a loud clacking noise. Have to use brake to slow UTV down. Then once level it shifts back into gear. Have done shift extension does not pop out of gear.
    • By moto mutts
      What an incredible overnight adventure starting in Williams Arizona and exploring the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. 
      Wild West Junction: The adventure started with a registration and check in at Wild West Junction in Williams Arizona. The old west atmosphere, complete with a saloon and creaky floors, provided an immersive experience. The notes on the dollar bills hanging on the wall added to the charm, and the hospitality, food, and music on weekends made it a memorable stop. We all gathered here for a meet and greet. 
      Saturday Morning Start: After a hearty breakfast and driver meeting at Wild West Junction, we embarked on the 85 mile offroad adventure to the Grand Canyon.  Despite the warm weather, the sights and trails were breathtaking. The anticipation and eventual view of the Grand Canyon, one of the world's natural wonders, left a lasting impression.
      Educational Experience:  Saturday night once we got to the Grand Canyon, we took the opportunity to learn more about the Grand Canyon's history by visiting the IMAX theater for a documentary screening. This added depth of our understanding of this iconic landmark.
      Evening Entertainment: After we all got cleaned up at the hotel we gathered in the bar area of the Plaza Bonita Mexican food restaurant next to the hotel. The food was over the top and delicious. We all had some drinks and talked about what an amazing day it was.  The evening brought entertainment in the form of a raffle and results of the quick draw poker, providing laughter and great prizes. It was a fun way to bond with fellow adventurers and share experiences.
      Sunday Exploration: Sunday started with a buffet breakfast at the lodge before setting out on a different route with new scenery. Visiting the original Grand Canyon Airport provided historical insight into the region's past. We headed back on a different trail which was also around 85 miles of epic offroad trails and what do we find in the middle of the forest but non other that Reid from Rugged Radios with a complete setup for lunch. What a treat for all the participants. 
      Lessons Learned: Your adventure did teach us some practical lessons about packing for an overnight trip, staying cool in warm temperatures, and the importance of experiencing more adventures in the future. We were lucky to have John from Copperstate Offroad Recovery and Assistance LLC there with us to tow a few SxS’s back to Williams that had some mechanical issues. John was a huge part of our success at this event making sure to get the broken down SxS’s back to safety.
      Anticipation for the Future: We are looking forward to more adventures, and we are working on the details for future overnight trips. I suggest you check the website regularly for the schedule of events to see what future adventures might interest you.
      Overall, we had a great trip to the Grand Canyon, and it was a memorable and educational experience filled with camaraderie and excitement. 
      Thank you for sharing your adventure with us we look forward to many more! Please check our website for the next SxS adventure www.utvoffroadadventures.com
      Special thanks to all our sponsors without them these events would not be possible. We extend our sincere thanks to Nash Powersports, Realty Providers, Rugged Radios, Shock Therapy, DRT Motorsports, Dirt Warriors Accessories, Kemi Moto, MRT Tires, McDermit Designs, Campfire Sports, Bob Moses Ceramic Coating, Gorilla Whips, Gorilla Offroad, Aftermarket Assassins, Rowley White RV, Memphis Audio, Factory UTV, Arizona Color Wraps, AJE Powersports and Macs Tie Downs.

      IMG_0204.HEIC IMG_0205.HEIC IMG_4280.HEIC IMG_4300.HEIC IMG_4310.HEIC
    • By TomW
      I was driving the UTV the other day when it simply died. I was using the sprayer which might have drained the 3 year old battery and the stator didn't recharge it. I towed it to my shop and charged the battery . The next morning it cranked first time and I drove it home . I parked it and turned it off . I then tried to crank it and it would only make a weak click noise . I changed the battery and the voltage regulator but it would still only click. I noticed on the digital display that the reverse light was illuminated and would stay illuminated no matter what gear I selected . If I put it in low that light would light but the reverse light stayed on . Same thing for neutral . I shorted the two poles on the starter solenoid with the key on and it cranked up easily and idled fine. You could put it in reverse and it would move backwards  and you could put it in low and it would drive forward. The entire time the reverse light stayed on . I checked the fuses and they all looked good . So lets say I get a new started solenoid . If I replace it and it now starts with the key what is the issue with the reverse light . Is it harmful? What else needs to be done to correct ? Any ideas out there.
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