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X-Fest Milestone MX Park

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Extreme Sports Event Coordination Company Podium Productions presents the 5th Annual X FEST. This year we will have an ALL NEW two-day event format. On Saturday, December 13th we will host Mini 4 Stroke Racing, Mini 2 Stroke classes 50s/60s and a Mini 4 Stroke Freestyle Competition with some of the top names in the [...]

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    • By Sommer Wildes
      TLDR (too long didn't read) in blue for quick scanning
      Hey all! I'm new to the Side-by-side/UTV world. We own a smallish farm and decided to go with the 2021 Tracker 800LE Crew. We like the seating and the ride is smooth. However as a newbie I have some questions that maybe some of you longtime side-by-side/UTV owners can help with. We're still in the "break-in" period and it seems that after 30 min or less of driving the dash area gets super hot. You can feel the heat waves coming off the floorboard by your feet and my phone sitting in the little hole (where a radio might go) felt like I left it in the hot sun for too long. The glovebox was also way too hot. 
      So the question is, is this normal, or should I start checking engine coolant and filters? We literal have had it a day. I have read forums and looked up info and can't find anyone mentioning this issue. I just don't want to burn the thing up before we've even put it through it's paces ya know!
      Thanks for any help!
    • By moto mutts
      Unveiling the Prickly Pine Cone UTV Fest: A Labor Day Extravaganza
      Labor Day weekend of 2023 witnessed an exhilarating celebration of off-road adventures like never before at the Prickly Pine Cone UTV Fest. From September 1st to 3rd, adrenaline junkies from across the Southwest converged for an unforgettable SxS experience. This epic gathering was made possible by our esteemed title sponsors, Nash Powersports and Realty Providers, along with the unwavering support of Rugged Radios, who kept the lines of communication crystal clear throughout the event.
      The Ultimate Hub at Twin Arrows Casino and Resort
      As you depart Flagstaff, Arizona, a spectacular discovery awaits. Nestled within the picturesque embrace of the San Francisco Peaks Mountain Range, the Twin Arrows Casino and Resort played host to this extraordinary event. Whether you sought the comforts of plush rooms or preferred to camp in the RV haven of the parking lot, Twin Arrows had you covered. Impeccable rooms, culinary delights, and unparalleled hospitality were par for the course.
      However, the true star of the show was the awe-inspiring network of trails that beckoned. Offering panoramic vistas of the high desert, where small trees and shrubs gently yielded to towering pines, these trails were nothing short of off-roading nirvana. After conquering these exhilarating routes, you could return to the resort, indulge in a sumptuous meal, and perhaps even try your luck at the casino. Remarkably, many of us broke even, as if the universe conspired to keep the excitement flowing.
      Thrilling Night Ride and Trail Adventures
      Friday night saw the festival come alive with registration from 4 pm to 6 pm, followed by an electrifying 25-plus-mile night ride. Whips and lights illuminated the darkness, creating an enchanting spectacle that set the tone for the entire weekend.
      One of the trail rides led us to the Cinder Hill area, named for its volcanic origins dating back to 1040-1100. A magnet for off-road aficionados, Cinder Hill boasted colossal hills, volcanic craters, and majestic trees. The enigmatic "Hundred-Dollar Hill" alluded to the off-roading challenges that could indeed cost you a pretty penny. Yet, the winding trails on the soft dirt, winding through the trees, proved nothing short of breathtaking. Our generous sponsor, AJE Powersports, treated all riders to a trailside lunch, complete with mouthwatering food, thrilling raffles, and swag bags galore. UTV Offroad Adventures knows how to express gratitude in style.
      The second ride led us to the enchanting Mormon Lake, a perennial favorite among seasoned riders. Located just 29 miles southeast of Flagstaff, this natural lake—often dry—offered a breathtaking spectacle at an elevation of 7,000 feet amid towering ponderosa pines. The lodge, country store, and charming cabins transported participants back to the Old West. Saturday's ride brought an unexpected twist—a refreshing bout of rain and an abundance of mud. It was a mud-slinging, slip-and-slide adventure that had our UTVs wear the badge of honor in the form of a generous coating of mud.
      Two Thrilling Rides, One Epic Weekend
      Participants had the privilege of choosing one ride on Saturday and the other on Sunday, ensuring a chance to savor both trail experiences. Each ride spanned over 75 miles, attracting more than 50 UTVs and over 100 adventurous souls from all age groups. The event went beyond off-roading excitement with a Quick Draw Poker game, the proceeds of which were dedicated to our chosen charity, Keep Our Desert Clean.
      Saturday night, beneath the starlit sky, attendees gathered for a lavish buffet dinner, thrilling raffles, and the eagerly anticipated poker results. Laughter echoed through the night as tales of epic rides were exchanged, etching this event as a defining chapter in the history of off-roading. The anticipation for the next adrenaline-packed adventure is palpable.
      Gratitude to Our Esteemed Sponsors
      The Prickly Pine Cone UTV Fest owes its success to the unwavering support of its sponsors. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Nash Powersports, Realty Providers, Rugged Radios, Shock Therapy, DRT Motorsports, Dirt Warriors Accessories, Kemi Moto, MRT Tires, McDermit Designs, Campfire Sports, Bob Moses Ceramic Coating, Gorilla Whips, Gorilla Offroad, Aftermarket Assassins, Rowley White RV, Memphis Audio, Factory UTV, Arizona Color Wraps, AJE Powersports and Macs Tie downs.
      Mark Your Calendars and Join the Adventure
      Adventure seekers, take note: mark your calendars and bookmark UTVOFFROADADVENTURES.com. Be ready to sign up for your next off-road escapade. Trust us, you won't want to miss it. With adventure events happening every month, you're just an email away from more information about upcoming events—simply reach out to [email protected].
      The Prickly Pine Cone UTV Fest of 2023 was more than an event; it was an experience that etched its mark in the hearts of all who attended. Join us next time for a journey into the heart of off-road exhilaration, camaraderie, and adrenaline-pumping thrills.

    • By NicholasNWM09
      Hello Everyone,
      COOL NEW Product Alert! 
      A company called NEW Wire Marine or NEW Wire has Badass custom panels for UTV, Buggy/Hunting trucks. From Fully wired switch panels with laser etched rockers with backlights in 5 different colors, to just parts like voltmeters, phone, USB and 12 v chargers. Rockers can be printed, or custom laser etched rockers and they even have sleek labeled pushbuttons. They are a first-class company with a great knowledgeable staff and outstanding customer service. Switches are based on 12v or 24v circuits and they also have marine grade wire and connectors, which is perfect for waterproofing your system!
      Go check them out!
      Check out the websites : https://newwiremarine.com/ and https://rockerswitchpros.com
    • By Andrew Jake Bryant
      Thanks for stopping by. I live out in the country and wanted to get a good Side By Side to get around my land and the local township I live in. I picked up a '23 bobcat UV34XL (Gas), and I hope I don't bug anyone with all the Questions that I will/may have.. I look forward to reading and having conversations with everyone. 

    • By tangojay
      Wife and I took a guided tour while visiting Zion Natural Park and well,,,,, the bug hit us HARD. 
      We live in the White Mountains of Arizona, the is many street ATV’s and many trails within driving distance , thus a trailer is not needed for most.
      ‘Here is what we have in our “want” list, 4 seater, doors, street legal , front and rear windshield,,,,, we have not settled on brand or model, so here is we I hope you folks can help us.
      1) Should we buy new or used?
      2) What APR should we expect ( we both have over 800 scores) if we finance?
      3) If we buy used, what should we look for and how many miles is a no go? 
      4) I know it is subjective but, which brand is consider “premium” and which would be considered “entry” 
      Thanks for info you may provide ,
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