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first trail ride impressions

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Alright folks, finally got my buggy off the farm, loaded into my truck bed (yes they fit beautifully in a 6 ft Ford bed,) and taken out to the woods for a trail ride. Machine did great, with me, another full size guy, my 3 year old son, and a dog, we were still able to hit around 50 on the speedo on straight smooth roads, and still was able to climb some decent grades. I had a couple of observations and questions for yall. What notch on the suspension are you using? With all the above weight it still felt to be hitting pretty hard two notches from the softest setting. I loosened it up to the lightest the front, and left the rear as is, and if seems to feel better and still not squatting much with me in it. Also, anyone else notice the tire rubber seems to be really soft? I am noticing significant wear and I am still under 200 miles on mine. Third, I made an attempt to climb a fairly steep quarry wall, no dice, even with just me on board. Clutches started to slip on me. I am debating doing some mods in that regard to help compensate a little for the lack of a low range. I posted looking for info over in the hisun forum if anyone wants to chime in. Overall I am very pleased with the unit. Nothing broke, she rode well, is spacious for its size, and seem to sip the fuel.

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