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Is an ATV rally a good fit for our seasonal nudist campground?

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Hi everyone and I hope that is not a too forward questions for us newbies. 

My husband and I are ready (next Spring) to open our newly developed nudist campground in Iowa and we are now looking for interesting activities to host. 

Don't worry we are not going to try and sell you a membership because as of 2 weeks ago all of our 50 campsites are sold out for the 2024 season. 

It was my job to sell site and now that is complete i am looking for interesting actives host for weekend. 

We have 300 acres of woods, grassland, swamps and 2 small ponds/lakes and dozens of miles of riding trails.

we have gotten county approval for the complete 300 acres to be clothing optional. 

We think we have a great spot for a weekend or several day ATV / mudder event. 

Clothing would be optional for all participants and plenty of room for overnight camping and outdoor group showers. 

Now we are looking to you pro  ATV riders to let us know if you think your group of people would fit in with ours. 

Feel free to ask anything you would like to get a better idea of what we offer.

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47 minutes ago, mehe said:

No, that is what people say if they enter our profile / about us. 

@mehe I asked you not to post nude photos on this site. You are welcome to participate in our forums, but please keep the nudity to yourselves. Even your profile, which I just cleaned up. This is not the site for that. 

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