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No Limits Powersports Special Edition Trooper Build up

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    • By Val in southern NM
      Brand new UTV owner.  I've been driving a Polaris Sportsman 500 for a few years.  We bought a Coleman Outfitter 400 a week ago today, and still trying to figure it out.  Would really like to find a repair manual for it, if anybody can point me in the right direction.  Our ATV/UTV are primarily to make life easier for us on our small horse place, but now that we have a SXS, we look forward to exploring some of the smaller back roads together.  My husband is the mechanic of the family, and found that a repair manual REALLY helped after we bought the VERY well used Polaris a few years ago.
      We have the owner's manual, but the nearest place that might provide warranty work/repairs is a two hour drive from here, best we can figure out, so an actual repair/service manual will be really helpful, especially once the warranty is up.
    • By Virginia Slim
      I have a 2020 Massimo TBoss 410 and it has been a interesting experience.   I could never recommend this to another person with a clear conscience.  This UTV has never idled properly since the day I picked it up from Tractor Supply in Leesburg, VA.   I have learned to live with the imperfections, but now the check engine light has been popping on while I am driving a few hundred yards.   I basically use this as a golf cart around the property to carry chains saws,  hunting gear, or whatever.   I do not use this aggressively at all.   Why, exactly 1 year after purchase would the check engine light be popping on.    Does this have  an alternator?   Do I need to regularly charge the battery like a Jetski or Battery for my Jon Boat?  The unit today will not even turn over,  I think it is a dead battery, but I will know the answer to that in a few hours.   The Check Engine light is what I am concerned with?    Any experience or suggestions for me?    
      Thank you,   HDS
    • By Michelle Holmes
      I have a Buck 450, 278 miles, one day driving down the road it stalled.  Now when I go to start the check engine light stay on. All started after changing oil.
    • By CDT540
      I am a first time owner of a ATV/SxS.  I have owned many many motorcycles (on and off road), boats, PWCs, etc. but never a SxS. Just purchased a 2015 MSU-500 this weekend form the original owner.  It has 850 miles (150 hrs), been used each year on the deer lease.   Seems to be in very good shape and well taken care of but we will see.  I had a few questions I was hoping someone could help with.  I want to change all the fluids so recommendations would be helpful for:
      1.   Engine Oil, any brand or type preference? (reg or syn)
      2.  Trans/final drive
      3.  Differential
      Besides the air filter any other general maintenance I should do before I haul to the cabin?
      Also, the original winch is not working.  Any reason to attempt to repair or just replace?  The 500 will be light duty, mostly just hauling brush running around the property so no need to invest in a Warn so I was just thinking something from Harbor Freight.  Is it possible to replace the winch and still use the original controller or does that become obsolete and you just use what comes with the replacement?
      Thanks for input and if there is anything else I should do or know please feel free to chime in.  Also, I am well aware of what I have.  It is not a Honda or Polaris, it is a Chinese clone and cost a fraction of what a quality brand would have cost.  But for what I need and as little as it will be used this fits the bill, I hope. 
      Thanks again
    • eManualOnline
    • By John Walker
      Hi new here. Just bought a Massimo Buck250X for some neighborhood riding. New unit rides great and seems to work fine, except when full throttle for 5 min or more the check engine light comes on. Air filter is fine, and oil is topped off, any ideas? 
      I figure it’s just a sensor issue but I’ve been wrong before. 
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