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    • By David Owens
      Ok here is what I have I think it is a Hisun, or at least that is what others have told me.  I have no spark at the plug so I have replaced the coil, the wire, the plug, the regulator, and I have the crank shaft position sensor (have a question about that thing.)  So on one side I of the coil the white black I have solid 12, but on the other side I have 0.  Chased the wire back to the solenoid and when plugged in have 12 until you turn key to start then it drops to 0, so wondering if there is a break in the blue black from the solenoid to the coil, will run a test on that later this week.  But I have ordered a new solenoid because I do not think it should drop to 0 when the key is turned either should push it 12 on both side if it works like most.  So the question is what is going on and what am I missing here?  Any ideas?  The next question is where does the crank shaft position sensor go?  None of the books I have show where it goes and I have hunted all over that engine and can not find the silly thing.  So please help?
    • By Jon Froehlich
      I have a barn find Challenger 750 that was in parts. After getting it all back together it will not start with the key. I believe that there is something wrong with the safety switch on the brake switch. I can start it with a push button   I also think it’s with the safeguards on the machine 
      Thanks Jon 
    • By dorough
      I just bought a Buck 450X... right before discovering this board and reading a lot of not-so-good posts. But I hope I'm right when I believe that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and surely there must be plenty of happy Massimo owners out there and I don't need to return my new toy to Lowe's.
      So... if you own a Massimo and like it, I'd love to hear from you! Please let me know what you like and enjoy about it and if you've had only minor or no issues - compared to other posts I've read.
    • By malenurse13
      We just bought a used 2017 American Landmaster TW450. No hour meter that I can find, so not sure exactly how much it has been used. 
      The first 2 days we had it, the starter was a little sketchy, but it started after 2-3 tries. Sometimes when turning the key, we would hear a loud metal "clink" sound. Like the starter made contact, but didn't have enough power to turn. 
      THIS MORNING... Turning the key, we hear a single click sound. That's it. Even with a new battery, the starter is still doing the same thing. Both batteries (old and new) were reading 12.8 volts on volt meter. So I'm wondering what else could be going on? Any ideas on what to look for would be greatly appreciated...
      Thank you!
    • eManualOnline
    • By Rick A
      I charged the battery reconnected everything but utv will not start and nothing comes on when key is turned. such as headlights, dash lights nothing.
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