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Challenger 700 help needed. Rad fan won’t turn on.


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First time poster - new member. Most issues between my pioneer 700 and Challenger 700 I’ve been able to fix without issue. This problem is a different story. Have a 2016 Challenger 700 that overheated due to cooling fan not coming on. Changed both temp sensors on thermostat housing as well as radiator temp sensor. (Being that unit overheated I teplaced to be safe) Put power to fan to verify operation - works great. Checked all fuses, connections ect. No issues found. Verified coolant level and air bled out - all good. Using a temp gun I Can see temps climb to 210 at thermostat housing and 195 at rad at sensor location and fan won’t turn on. Any help on where to check or any wiring schematics for this unit ?

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Rhino has a snubber diode in series with power feed from IGN switch.  Clones also have same.  The diode OPENS.....thus no power to FAN.  Test by jumping in 12V when radiator warm.  If thermo switch is good and no air in coolant....have fan.  The bad part.....the diode is part of the wiring harness.  Hard wire the "jumper" IGN switch feed and don't waste time looking for diode.  Post back results.

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Went back and verified your diag and that is the issue. Thank you. Got tired of working through the excess and unnecessary method of controlling the fan. Ended up ordering a 22mm rad hose sensor adapter with a 175 degree sensor which I’ll install to piggy-back the factory system that seems to constantly give issues. The $65 is worth the insurance if the factory components fail again.

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