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Massimo T-Boss 410 Check Engine Light

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I have a 2020 Massimo TBoss 410 and it has been a interesting experience.   I could never recommend this to another person with a clear conscience.  This UTV has never idled properly since the day I picked it up from Tractor Supply in Leesburg, VA.   I have learned to live with the imperfections, but now the check engine light has been popping on while I am driving a few hundred yards.   I basically use this as a golf cart around the property to carry chains saws,  hunting gear, or whatever.   I do not use this aggressively at all.   Why, exactly 1 year after purchase would the check engine light be popping on.    Does this have  an alternator?   Do I need to regularly charge the battery like a Jetski or Battery for my Jon Boat?  The unit today will not even turn over,  I think it is a dead battery, but I will know the answer to that in a few hours.   The Check Engine light is what I am concerned with?    Any experience or suggestions for me?    

Thank you,   HDS

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If not driven often, I would definitely put a trickle charger on it.  If you haven't changed fluids recently, I would do that as well.  After that, the most common issue would be with the coolant system.  There are a ton of threads on here regarding that as well as videos on YouTube to troubleshoot. 

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TapBoss,   I appreciate the heads up.   I took off the bottom part of my windshield to access the hood. I have since charged the 410 and it cranking over like new again.   The check Engine light is still on, but it seems to be running exactly like it has been since taking it off the Tractor supply lot.    I will check the fluids per your instruction.  The Coolant  looks to be low, but it is almost half full?   Thank you for responding, I  sort of feel like I am alone  on an Island with this product?

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Unfortunately, there seem to be more threads on here on your model than any.  The good part is there are usually solutions in these threads as well. I know i read where one member upgraded the spark plug and got a lot of improvement, but I don't remember the thread title to narrow it down for you.  Check recent 410 threads and you should find it.

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