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I am doing a Li ion conversion on a brand new E1, all the others have been 2019 to 2020 vehicles. There are a lot of small detail changes. The dash now uses the std engine light to signify a fault, Not sure why but they do.  The running gear seems the same, with overall a bit tidier placement of cables etc. But the main motor cable now have a braided shielded out covering that is all earthed to the neutral post on the Sevcon. It will be interesting to test in a day or so if this get rid of some of the EMI (Electro magnetic Interference) the sevcons put out (I have found this on Rangers and the E1s) . Some things I dont like are still there, like the small  head m6 screws holding the belly pan on, and they have gone from plated screws holding the  cable lugs onto the sevcon, to painted screws with small 10mm heads. I dont like this as this then relies purely on the  face to face contact of the lug rather than both faces and the threads. I have never seen any EV (UTV or automobile) using this approach. There is a large variance in the placement of the chassis components ie the under battery support and out riggers are all over the place. This makes a lot of work making fixings align. But its a fact of life and one that just has to be dealt with. The Ranger has a very tight placement of parts in comparison.  Overall It looks a bit neater and tidier in the build. The one feature I think they really ought to deal with is the awful access to the propshaft grease points. This just means none ever appear to  get greased. .

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I've never quite understood why there needed to be so many universal joints on the propshaft, and thus so many grease points. You're right to say it's an utter PITA to get to them all. I had to replace a couple of the batteries recently, and they're not exactly easy to get out either. Thought I'd grease everything while there was some space, but even then there was one I couldn't reach. I'll have to do it next time I have the belly pan off, as I covered up the holes as per your recommendation! I'd still like to do a Li-Ion conversion on mine, but the cost and logistics of getting it to the other end of the country are putting me off. I'm surprised HiSun haven't come up with their own Li-Ion option yet.

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They do have the higher power / voltage li ion vehicle. But as far as I am aware the importers have no intention of offering a formal factory conversion, and none are being considered. Most of the conversions I have carried out have been through the Hisun dealers, having seen the prototype which was a very early UK import, and which has been loaned to a lot of existing owners. Its certainly engendering a degree of brand loyalty, as shown by the new one, which went to an existing owner of a  li ion conversion. The change was so good for their usage, they bought another . So Hisun UK importers are seeing the benefits of a Li ion conversion in terms of ensuring sales. Virtually all of the Li ion conversions are going into heavily used vehicles, where the owners can see the financial advantage of going  li ion.  Im not sure I will ever get to the point of offering the current conversion as a self fit. Perhaps I should look at a redesign. The problem is access, Its not easy which means you have to build the two halves of the pack in separate stages, into the chassis.


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I hadn't realised they had brought out a li ion version, to be honest. I might have to look into that, although I don't suppose it's had a brilliant effect on the residual value of the lead acid versions. I can quite understand why you'd no want to do a self fit kit for converting. Having replaced a few of the batteries in mine, I agree that space and access are not good! I'd happily trade range for a smaller battery though. I don't think I've ever needed to do more than ten miles in a day here, but it struggles on hills after about three now. A battery that would give me a reliable ten to fifteen miles of hill work and not die after nine months of use would be all I'd need!

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