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The Hill UTV Fest

Kyle Krause

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    • By GrahamP
      I have had a battery failure with one of my batteries, maybe another coming soon and have decided to  change all 8 out to US Battery XC1800's. Just to make sure I have the correct connections, can anyone post a few pictures of the battery connections and email me a copy?
      Just an FYI, the Dual Pro Eagle Performance onboard charger quit. I am not sure, at this point, whether it is the charger that has failed, or the bad battery causing a low voltage failure.  This low voltage will cause the charger not to start, even though it may be still working. (2020 models and above have a different charger). The charger is back with DualPro awaiting a dignosis.  If you need to remove the charger, to send back to DualPro, you will need to remove the electrical input port on the passenger side, and the output to the batteries. Then, remove a good number of black zip ties to free both cords.  The charger itself is held on by 6 machine screws, 3 on each side of the brackets. Be careful, the charger weighs 27 lbs! The whole unit, including the cords needs to be sent back.  The connections are soldered inside the charger  and cannot be disconnected.
      Graham  ([email protected])
    • By Danny T
      Hi guys.  I recently purchased a pre-owned Massimo MSU500.  It has a few small issues that I am working on, however, I have very little information on this UTV.  The guy that sold it to me said it was a 2004 year model.  I don't even think Massimo existed in 2004, so, I don't think that is correct.  I contacted Massimo Motors customer support and provided them the VIN number and some photos of the machine, but, they said they have no record of that VIN and couldn't help me.  I find it ridiculous that the manufacturer cannot help with their own machine.  Does anyone know of any other way to find info for this machine.  I need to know the year model in order to find the correct parts.  I can attach additional photos if that will help. Thanks in advance.
      20?? Massimo MSU500
      VIN # LWGMDTZ40EB000346

    • By Roy Granados
      New the the UTV world we just got a Colmen outfitter 550. Is there anyway to gain more horse power???? Tia
    • By John Pongrass
      Recently got a Titan Sniper E4 utv, doesn’t work of course, it charges and powers up controller, but if I turn it on when any switches are on it gives me two blinks on the controller, which from what I’ve found on the controller info I’ve been able to find, means it’s an order error, I don’t have all the switches in the neutral area on power up. But when everything is neutral it just comes on solid which says is normal operation, but doesn’t do anything. It is an EV,  battery voltage holds steady at 48v, all accessories work, but no movement. Replaced the 5 k pot in the throttle, no difference. I can’t find any info at all on these, company went out of business long ago (wonder why?)  it has a sevcon gen4 controller in it. I can’t find any info on the utv, year, etc. no idea what order to put switches in on startup( which is the only error I get.) does ANYBODY have an owners manual, info, anything to do with these?!?! I know it’s a Chinese unit but that’s it. Thanks in advance for any help.
    • By johnpeter
      2016 Yamaha YXZ1000R W/ GYTR Turbo, Custom Cage, Wheels & More On Ebay

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