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BRP can am X3 x RS deep test drive

Tan Jojo

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BRP can am all terrain vehicle has always been loved by off-road enthusiasts. Whether ATV or UTV, BRP can am can provide you with the best choice. Maverick X3 series, which takes into account both safety and driving fun, has always been the representative work of high-performance UTV. In particular, the newly launched X3 x rs not only retains many advantages of X3 series models, but also further strengthens the performance and creates a better driving experience,

Experience the performance of this UTV in all aspects on the high-intensity off-road surface of more than 40 kilometers. After a whole day's test drive, I have a deep experience of this X3 x rs,

X3 x RS is equipped with Rotax ace three cylinder 900cc supercharged engine and can output 172hp maximum horsepower at 7250rpm, which is indeed too much for the vehicle weight of 720.9kg. It only takes 4.4 seconds to accelerate from static to 96km / h (official data). This test drive took two passengers in each vehicle, and the power performance was still very strong. It only used the low speed range and passed all sections calmly.

The engine adopts efficient aerodynamics, which perfectly solves the problem of turbine hysteresis. The actual driving feeling is very similar to that of large displacement self-priming engine, and the CVT transmission also avoids the problem of gear shift frustration. However, when the X3 x RS releases the brake, the car will not move forward. It needs to step on the accelerator to get up. This is different from the automatic transmission of the car. If you drive X3 x RS for the first time, you need to adapt to it before you can start normally.

The gearbox provides high-speed forward gear (H gear) and low-speed forward gear (L gear). The transmission ratio of the two gears is 2.5 times different. When climbing a ramp with a large angle, you can switch l gear to improve the wheel torque. In addition, X3 x RS also provides three modes of two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and intelligent four-wheel drive, which can be switched by pressing the key. When crossing the dirt road of about 40 degrees, the combination of L gear + four-wheel drive can be easily handled.

The shock absorber is also one of the highlights of X3 x RS, which is greatly improved compared with X3. On the basis of the original front and rear 20 inch shock absorption stroke, it is increased to the ultra long shock absorption stroke of 22 inches (55.9cm) in front and 24 inches (61cn) in back, which can effectively improve the tire grip on rough roads and the shock filtering capacity of the vehicle when driving at high speed. The four shock absorbers from Fox brand can be adjusted by themselves according to the use, and the adjustment range is very large. In addition to preload damping and rebound damping, X3 x RS also matches the front two-stage and rear three-stage springs, which can be adjusted step by step to adapt to various road conditions.

The front suspension adopts a double wishbone structure, the shock absorber is in an eight shaped layout and is equipped with an anti roll bar, which is no different from the common UTV models. However, while the X3 x RS increases the front shock absorption stroke, it does not reduce the support force. When the vehicle makes emergency braking and quickly avoids obstacles, the body posture is still stable.

The rear suspension adopts a reinforced multi link structure to increase the suspension strength and the control of rear wheel camber. The rear suspension is also equipped with anti roll bar, which further ensures the control of body inclination. When passing through uneven roads, the body does not feel too much inclination. (the shock absorbers for this crossing are all factory set and have not been adjusted for this crossing. They do not filter and have excellent shock resistance and support performance)

For various road conditions encountered in this crossing, the large ground clearance of X3 x RS also played an important role. A minimum ground clearance of 15 inches (38.1cm) plus a flat composite chassis armor ensures that the body structure is not damaged when passing through gravel roads and mud pits. Even if the bottom support occurs occasionally, it will not affect the normal traffic of vehicles, and the strength of chassis armor is very high. After a day's crossing, there are no obvious scratches.

X3 x RS with 4 Maxxis bighorn tires, size 30 × ten × 14 inches (76.2 inches) × twenty-five point four × 35.6cm), which performed well in this crossing. There was no obvious slip on gravel road, mud road, hard soil road, soft soil road and wading Road, and it had good seismic filtering capacity and was more comfortable to ride.

In addition to the driving experience, X3 x RS is also rich in configuration, with one click start, multi-function instrument, sports / energy-saving switching, pre locking of front differential and adjustable steering wheel damping.

LED headlights with daytime running lights.
Two keys. The white key has no horsepower limit and the green key has a speed limit of 80km / h.
The four-point safety belt is equipped with monitoring function. When the safety belt is not fastened, the car can only drive at low speed.
The seat can be adjusted in four directions. Besides the front and rear adjustment, the tilt angle of the seat can also be adjusted.
In addition, the author believes that X3 x RS has room for improvement in many aspects. Compared with this, the car is not equipped with handbrake, which is troublesome to operate when stopping temporarily and starting on a ramp. And when the gear is put into P gear, it is easy to clip fingers because the space in front of P gear is small.
Not equipped with ABS and traction control is a little estrangement for novices.
There is no spare tire on the car. If the tire is punctured on the way through, it will be difficult to deal with.
The external rear shock absorber air tank is installed outside the frame, which looks very beautiful and easy to use, but the shock absorber is easy to hang up when the vehicle rolls over.
Without the uphill assist system, the ramp start can only be completed with the left foot brake and the right foot accelerator.
If the fuel gauge is not flat on the ground, the display value error is too large, which may bring inconvenience to use.







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