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UTV Attachments, Implements reviews

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I have been looking at the different pull-behind implements for UTV/ATVs and am looking for advice/reviews on which ones to purchase. I already have a 44" Swisher Trail Cutter and a 60" Massimo Snow Thrower. The Trail Cutter is great, just wish I had the 60" one and the snow thrower is OK; I have to drive really slow with it or it will bog down. I have 14 Acres of over grown pasture land that was originally used for cattle and then horses. Over the past 20 years it has been neglected and is overgrown with weeds and bushes. I have a local farmer that is willing to rejuvenate  about 10 acres and start planting simple crops like hay, corn or soy. The other 4 acres I want to pretty up with lawns and trees but the land is rough. I have been looking at compact tractors as well, but am getting sticker shock just looking. I am new to this so I am not sure what equipment to purchase. Any experience and/or ideas out there?

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Rent a skid steer with a mulcher attachment.  Looks like an oversized stump grinder.  We used them to clear out under power lines, which wasn't  done that often so trees would get to 6-8" in diameter and that thing would eat them up.  When you're done clearing just run it over the cleared ground and it's tilled and ready to plant.  

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