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Post cool accessories you've found online or even made your self to suite you!

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    • If you have the Kawasaki Mule with an 800cc gas engine, then even though Kawasaki is a Japanese brand, that engine is a Chery engine from China.  Trouble is, most of my parts I have to eventually get from China.  Few parts are available in the US.  I've found some parts I needed for my ride on Amazon.com..  If you go there, be sure to check the sellers ratings.  One seller for Kawasaki parts had a 69% favorable vs 31% unfavorale (I look for 95% or better favorable).  You might find the starter you need for about $60.
    • and people say I'm too hard on Chinese manufacturing?   I also suggest you take your original to your local Automotive Electrical repair shop. Let them rebuild THAT one .. My local shop rebuilt a starter for $59 that Ford wanted $425 for new . Its been working for 6 years now 
    • its not just the windshield that vulnerable to windspeed , its also the top if you have one.. It will tear thru the 4 mounting screws and  fly off . I built a reinforcement bracket on my MSU500  to support the front edge of the top and  to reinforce the center ot the windshild .. I can tow at 75 mph  without issue now 
    • I suspect that the parts (or at least some of them) at a dealership are the same as those at a parts store. I have seen chain parts stores delivering parts to dealerships.  What a ripoff!
    • In my experience with repairs to my vehicles, dealerships and repair shops charge 2x-3x the retial price for parts that I can buy at NAPA's retail price.  My AC compressor $995 from the dealership, $485 fromn NAPA.  I don't buy lifetime warranty parts.  They are exactly the same  as the 90-day warranty parts, just painted a different color.  You're paying about 50% higher price that their lifetime part and they're betting you won't need to replace it.  I've never would have been able to collect on a warranty replacement on anything I've ever purchased.

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