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    • Sounds like you're on the right track.  With that loose connection to the starter, don't rule out the possibility you had corrosion wick itself up into the cable where you can't see it.  As weird as it sounds, cables to get resistance build up when the corrosion is sucked into the core of the cable.  As soon as you get one thing resolved, the next weak link will reveal itself.  But it does sound like you are very close.  Let me know what you discover.  Pics too if you find the smoking gun.  Connections and cables will cause all kind of stupid issues.  
    • I have dune some trouble shooting and with the transmission in forward, and the veh off, the shifter tries to jump out of geer when it's rocket back and forth, especially forward. We have also tried having a second person holding the actual transmission shift linkage in forward and it jumps in and out the same way. Adjusting is no longer available, nothing else can be adjusted. Like I said in the beginning. Now it seems to be mechanic time and break it down and actually find the problem. That's the manual that I need, to breaking it down. Fun begins now.
    • Update: After installing the voltage regulator, I got the same code from the ECM. So, I grabbed a wrench and tightened the hell out of the starter motor connection, which I had checked previously and had thought was already tight. The T-Boss started right up. I ran it up and down the street and all over thinking, Hallelujah, it's fixed! So I started lining up chores to do. I shut it off, did a few things, then got back in it. It started sluggishly, but came on. The next time I shut it off, I got back in it later and it was sluggish for a second, then would not turn over at all. Battery voltage was still good at 12.7v. I looked at the starter electrical connection again. It was still snug so I took the whole connection apart and examined it. The threaded rod in the connection was all loose and stuff looked slimy and melted inside the whole. I put it all back together and it still would not even turn over. I checked for 12v at the connection again and validated there is voltage from the relay when the starter switch is on. This points to the starter motor. I have located a replacement that is not from Massimo. I will try to bench test the starter motor tomorrow just in case the new battery I put it earlier is weak, or the slight possibility that the generator is not working right. The saga continues...
    • Would you mind explaining what I would need to do or how I would go about doing this to also fix mine... Thanks in advance I've been adjusting for almost 2 days now and it seems like it's just a hair from being correct..............
    • I have a 2018 Pro FXT-LE and had a 3" lift kit installed at purchase. I am looking to replace the stock 26" tires that came on it with some 30" mudlite tires. How can I confirm whether they will fit or not or determine whether extended A Arms are required for clearance?
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