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    • Maybe you are exceeding load limit..I think mine say 400 lbs in bed
    • So cut some metal squares from scrap or go to Lowe’s and pick up some metal sheets. Just like above rivet or bolt to add support to those areas that are cracked. The bigger area you cover the better. Do it from the bottom to make it look more professional. Probably not great to haul firewood in the plastic bed. You might also look into a metal sheet to cover and add support to the entire bed.  My past job experience we “scabbed” vibration conveyors using the metal squares with great success. 
    • If it’s anything like mine the connectors are kinda junky and don’t always make good contact. Reseat all concerned connectors and make sure they are contacting good. My 4wd wouldn’t engage, had 12vdc to the connector and 26.5 ohms on the front diff magnetic coil. It had flat pins in the male side of the connector so I gave a bit of a twist to them and it’s been working fine since.  have you solved your overheating problem?
    • Thanks for that insight! Don’t know if mine needs any adjustment yet. Still haven’t taken it for a night time/early morning ride. 
    • wow thats good to know, thanks for the info
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