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Here is a pic of engine out of the chassis. Here you can see the Right side of the engine with the clutch completely removed for replacement.

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Taken with Motorola XT1080

  • 4.5 mm
  • 161/100000
  • f f/2.4
  • ISO 160
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I had purchased this unit as a demo, so it was used pretty hard to show it off. Also, it had gotten some oil on it from being rolled over. After inspecting the belt which was smoking after being rolled over, I removed the clutch assemblies and found the clutch pads to be worn to the point that they needed to be replaced. I also noticed that the sheaves needed to be smoothed down and cleaned due to wear from the belt. So I took this all in to consideration and bought a complete clutch assembly. I am using the original clutch to send to a performance company to see about having a high performance spring and clutch kit built. Remember, this unit is a Chinese unit, and the quality of the products are just not the same as some other products out there, so the wear and tear that they can take is far less than some other name brand units on the market. So, it is important to constantly inspect the drive train for pre mature wear.

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On 5/2/2017 at 7:38 AM, KawieMan550 said:

Looks to me like the Transmission and Crankcase are one piece?

yes it is, the transmission only consist of Low, High, Neutral and Reverse. But it shares the same case as the engine as well as the same oil. But it is driven by the belt, not by a gear or chain drive.

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There is only one drain on this engine, and only one filter as well. It is a small engine and Just like motorcycle engines, they share the same oil in the transmissions so really not a problem.

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The only thing holding it back should be a plate on the throttle peddle area. It is called the throttle stop. Take a look at it and see if you have one there. You should be able to depress the throttle peddle all the way down, and watch the throttle butterfly valve rotate completely as well. You can verify this by pressing the throttle peddle all the way down, and then access the throttle where the throttle cable is attached. If you can still rotate the round butterfly valve a lot more than you are already pressed down, then you have a throttle stop. You should only have a very slight movement left if at all in the throttle valve when the throttle peddle is pressed all the way down. Remember that after any throttle cable adjustment, you should have some slack when the peddle is released so that the throttle can close all the way. check this and let me know. I will post some pics of mine here.




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But it beibg governed at 25mph is good for me, since i just use it for light work around our property.

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