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    Hey Jeff, I can totally understand your situation big time. I am not sure why it took you so long to get parts from the manufacture, I am not a dealer and have not really had any trouble getting parts I need, and even some odd parts at that I have to admit. I agree the fit and finish is nice, but without the dealer support its hard to make it as a dealer. I have worked for one before some of my deployments and am familiar with the problem with warranty and customer satisfaction. No one wants to buy a vehicle and have it break down right away. I don't believe they set up dealers just to get rid of inventory, perhaps its just to help get more dealers out there for support as well. The larger the dealer network, the better its going to be for the manufacture to support the dealer network. It sounds like maybe you had a bad dealer network manager who did not support you. I also don't know what area you are in, but here in southern california, there are none of these really out there for sale used. I have looked! If they had a lot of dealers selling them to auction houses, then the market place would be showing them available, but I just dont see that. I cannot comment on the generator side of life, as I know more about the UTV side of things. But I have been a mechanic at a large name brand dealer, (name not important) and we had our share of faulty equipment from them as well. We have had issues with what I called 'made on friday' where it looks like they just put it together to get out of there, and they just hoped the dealer would take care of it. All I tell my customers as a service center and performance shop, is that we like to really go through them before they go out for the first time. I like to look over all the nuts and bolts, run them for a bit and look for problems before they use them. This way I can make sure their weekend will be the best possible. I am sure you have great mechanics, and have probably been in the industry for a long time, and once in a while these things do happen. Remember the Polaris fire recall? it was hard for the dealers here to deal with that when it came out. I am also sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with the dealer network, that sounds like it shouldnt have happened that way, or perhaps they should have been there more for you. But again, I am only going by your few words and I am sure I don't have all the information available. I hope you have recovered and are doing well now. I wish you all the best and success. If you could, perhaps you might tell me some of the issues you had with the units breaking down within the first 5 miles as you said. I would love to be able to touch up on these areas with my customers, and perhaps prevent any problems happening on my end as well. In this business we all need to support and help one another I have found. so, if you have any specific areas that were causing you problems, please let me know about them. Thank you
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