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  1. BigDogDaddy


  2. Front shocks are 8" travel not 10" sorry..
  3. Thinking about changing over the T-2 TROOPER to do some real Rock Crawling..!!!! Was wanting to change over to a straight axel and 4-link suspension.. Wanted to see if anyone interested in Front/Rear ends, CV's & axels, A-arms, rear swing arms, steering box, tie rods, and drive lines.??
  4. Have a Trooper T-2 in real good condition with two tone white/blue plastic and a yellow Sand Viper in new condition for sale.. Call for more info. (505)-716-7733.. Thank you..
  5. I just got redof the hole thing.. Never liked the looks of stock lights and mount.. Cut off and started over with these light from Maxxima.. They have built in backup lights you just have to tie in the stop/turn together.. They have the cool factor too.. See the pics in my gallery..
  6. That is me had alot of fun need to get together again one of these days if they ever slow down so I can get cought up.. Just now starting get this FORM thing figured out alot of good info.. guess you got yours all back together did you lower the rear end down while it was broken out any ways.?
  7. I don't have all the machines for building the planetary set up.. Any idea on the cost of two of those set ups.? The transfer case out of the older Suzuki Sami is a really small unit and has alot of gearing options.. You can get all the way down to a 6.5:1 (187%) in low range and a 20% in high range.. Could the run the 33" tires and be about the same gearing in high as stock..
  8. It would be a lot of work.. The only place that it would work is between the seats.. Have to gut out most every thing there and raise the engine and trany.. All ready modified the suspension and now wish I would have started from scratch but it worked good to start with just need lower gears.. If there was some kind of two speed that would go between the engine and trany would be the best.. I talk to you at the get together in Farmington NM, and you were think about some planetary gear set for yours.. How is that going.??
  9. I did the mods to my fire wall and I could get a 33" on there but think it would be to high geared for the way I ride it.. I lowered the rear end down about 2" and remounted the new shocks to get the ground clearance.. The CV can run at a pretty step angle without binding.. You can look at my gallery and see the pics of the rear CV's..
  10. Has anyone figured out how to get a high/low range in the trooper T2.?? Looking at trying to install a transfer case out of a Sami..

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