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  1. So you still haven't called and i have left messages on your shop phone and cell phone (which now cant take any more voice mails because its full) You also haven't answered the phone for ME but you did for the people you by parts from so that tells me you are screening calls. You know the problems i had with Rick and the little bit of trust i have with silver bullet. So it takes posting on this public forum to get a response from you? In my opinion when doing business with customers you give them progress on the work good or bad. If I had known the the cams were in test mode i would not have p
  2. Don't buy parts form them (if you can even get a hold of them) I sent my head back to Jose over a month ago and cant even get a awnser on the phone or a return call! This is BULL! My bike has been down now for over 8 months because of them.
  3. Yea thats who set me up as a dealer but, I wanted to see if anyone on here had a set first
  4. Have you had problems also with silverbullet?
  5. Well that was what i was trying to do but, i cant get a return phone call. I sent them my cams on Sept. 16 they told me 3 weeks. 7 weeks later and alot of geting the run around they sent me the cams, but they were broke and the timing gear was cut wrong. So i sent them back. We are goin on 3 months and its geting stupid now. They now have the broke cams and my money.
  6. I need a set of cams for a T2 anybody got a set?
  7. I hope so just wating on Rick now, sucks having my bike down going on 10 weeks now
  8. We had a great time with the trooper and it did great. Now just need bottom end so I ordered Cams, Clutch, and Fuel Controller from silverbullet. Had a problem with it wanting to pop out of gear and not enuf ground clearance. Here is a video of it in a hole
  9. They do not come with the winch any more but they do still have all the wiring and switch on the dash. From what I was told the winches that used to come with them were junk
  10. it does not have power steer but I talked to super atv and silver bullet and they said they had electric ones but no hydro I don't remember pricing though.
  11. Yea it has two cats It has something to do with emissions but it is nice and quiet

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