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  1. I've had my trooper for 2+ years and other than normal maintenance have done nothing to it. It depends on what your going to do with it. I live in East Texas and my T2 does a lot of work on the deer lease but it aint so great through the woods because of it's size.
  2. You just weren't going fast enough
  3. You might check with a John Deere dealer as they use the Cherry Automotive engine also.
  4. I used a K&N oil filter don't remember the number. I replaced the transmission lube with 75W90 Royal Purple. I will let yall know after a few hundred miles when I change the filter what the oil looks like. Thanks Dan
  5. I have a 2011 Joyner Trooper and just changed my original oil and transmission lube to Royal Purple. Has anyone else done this and what kind of luck have you had? My trooper only has 50 miles on it and I love the way it looks and runs. My main use is at the deer lease although I would like to go muddin sometime. Thanks Dan
  6. I recently purchased a 2011 Joyner Trooper with 36 miles on it. The previous owner bought it in Arlington, Texas then it just sat there for 8 months. I plan on using it on my deer lease here in East Texas and also when I go to West Texas hunting. So far I love it. Lots of power and will try to liscense it for the road so I can cruise the beach. Later Dan

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