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New 2014 Trooper T2


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I have an 09 trooper and I have done a lot to it. Honestly its been pretty dam reliable!!!! few issues here and there but you will have that with anything. I ride with guys that have rhinos rzrz and quads and at some point they have all been stuck. I live in MA and I go to NH a lot with mine. I do a lot riding 20mph and under and up in NH 40+ mph. My friends call it the redneck tow truck cause I am the guy that gets people unstuck.or the beast. The factory airbox sucks do yourself a favor and buy or build a snorkel and change all the fluids they tend to put the cheap shit in them. Theres a lot of info here and these guys are awesome on this site!!!! I think for the money you get a lot with the trooper I have looked several times at an rzr but I cant stomach the price tag and I dont care for the belt drive on them. Everyone has a different style of driving and lives in different environments so just cause one guy has an issue doesn't mean you will.

Just my opinion i have had mine 3 years now I think and it has 1300 miles on it and only left me stranded once. GOOD LUCk


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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the info so far. I am in southwestern New Mexico up at about 7000 feet with lots of dirt roads and smaller trails. Basically a whole lot of nothing. I need a vehicle that will bring me home at the end of a long ride. Probably only low to medium off road duty. Crazy is not me just like to run the ridges and canyons.


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Hey quicksnake! I've not been on here for a long time, but I wanted to answer your question. Hubby and I bought our 2008 Trooper T2 brand new, we now have about 10k miles on it. Outside of a few minor issues in the very beginning, we've had very little problems with it. We take it everywhere. We had a mfg issue from the get-go with the rear diff, which the dealer replaced. We had a BO fuel pump. The dealer upgraded the front and rear drive lines because the originals were sub standard. That's about it. I would recommend one for sure!

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so much depends on the use/abuse,maintenance..and initial build/pdi ..we have a customer that has 3 machines in sask.canada that they use for work...meaning they take them into places they do not want to drive their 4x4 pick ups...they have 2 2008s,with I believe,1 with aprox 20,000km (12,500miles) and the other with 43,000km or aprox 26,000 plus miles (as of spring 2014) they also purchased a 2014 to add to their fleet...they work the trooper,give them maintenance and have had to do minor repairs...just saying...myself,airborne in 4wd with both diff locks engaged...I had to put a rear diff in (mines a 2008)

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