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  1. Still looking? From what I understand 1100cc tranny will work to. Thanks!
  2. I've done a lot of research on that alternative. All things considered it will def cost more to go that route whether you go with motorcycle engine/transmission or car engine/transmission. A big part of the swap to hurdle is providing power to the wheels and what not takes a lot of fabrication. Not to mention the cost of the engine/transmission itself. If you plan on going that route definitely plan on spending some money.
  3. Hey guys as the title says. I'm looking for a transmission for my 2008 Joyner 800cc mini viper. Let me know if you have anything available, thanks!
  4. I've never done a swap but if you end up selling the transmission I would be interested!
  5. Good now i can know for sure without second guessing the chinese diagram. Thanks guys glad to help!
  6. Think i found the answer here maybe; http://wenku.baidu.com/view/a06a0a21192e45361066f554.html wasnt easy to find, i think its the blue wire look on page 28 of the presentation and see what you think. I can't read chinese : P
  7. I am new to this forum officially but I have been helped by you guys many times, thanks a lot for the help!! But I too now have the same problem as petethedog. I also need to know which of the wires on IAT/MAP sensor is the signal wire for the IAT. Looking at Kinarfis post i little bit confused and still as well dont know if its the yellow or the blue/red wire.

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