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  1. Been snowmobiling since I was 6 or so.....I love it! We have been going to Colorado and Wyoming for for a few years now too.....problem is that my knees and shoulders can't take the abuse with the type of riding we do. I figured the Ranger, or whatever I get, will be a good transition out of the boon docking and and hill climbing I have been doing, while still being able to have some fun in all seasons. I am having having some difficulty finding trail systems that a Ranger can legally be on.
  2. Well.... I'm hoping to get a set of tracks for it and take my wife exploring in the U.P into the winter....I love to snowmobile, but my wife doesn't care to sit on the back of one, or drive on herself. This way we could go out together. Might do some trail riding with it.....mostly just want it for bombing around the fields and woods near our house.....probably look into making it street legal too. I also have been looking into putting a snow plow on it to do smaller driveways on my plow route, something my son could do.....Boss plows makes a sweet plow for the Ranger 800xp.
  3. I love the idea of a diesel UTV..... too bad it's kinda slow.
  4. My first post..... getting colder here in Michigan..... I don't own a UTV, but I'm looking at getting one this year.... I'm kinda dissapointed that the UTV forums are sooooo slow. Nothing like the snowmobile forums I'm on.....

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