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  2. I look forward to hearing from you! I am interested in the 4- door version. The only real negative I heard about the 4- door from a dealer in Alabama is that the back seat passengers get a lot of heat from the vent right behind the motor. They sold one to real estate agent for him to use to show his clients land. He sold it because the back seat heat was too hot for his use. I hope you have a great experience with the 2-door.
  3. Does the 2013 4-door have all the same features and improvements as the 2013 2-door model?
  4. Thanks for the information, Charley. Do you add the EPI cluth and belt.? I see they offer these as accessories. If ordered with the heavier cluth and belts, do you know if they come installed? I have an Odes dealer near me, but so far he hasn't had one the Dominators for me to look at. Thanks again for the input.
  5. Anyone have one of the new 4-Door 2013 models and have some input on how well they perform? I am looking for my first UTV and like the looks of the unit. It seems Odes are getting better and may be good machine for 2013. I will be using the UTV around the farm, joy riding and having fun with the grandchildren. I will not be a racer or hard mud rider. Any input will be appreciated.

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