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2013 Dominator 800cc EFI - ODES UTVS is Doing BIG THINGS

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I ordered a 2013, 2-door Odes unit and a cargo trailer to pull it with. We have 6500 acres of four wheeling trails to use it on. After I get it and get it broken in, I will give you an update about performance, fit and finish and my overall feeling about the unit. With the changes Odes made between 2012 and 2013 I was ready to make the commitment. I am having a sprayed in bed liner done and I am planning on having the catalytic converter removed professionally. I got the carbon fiber color. I have test driven them and with the extra fan and insulation in the motor compartment the time was right for me. I have a reputable dealer 80 miles from me that I am purchasing the unit from. I know he will be there for me if I have any warranty issues. It is a good solid unit with strong performance. I will let you know what the future brings.

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I look forward to hearing from you! I am interested in the 4- door version. The only real negative I heard about the 4- door from a dealer in Alabama is that the back seat passengers get a lot of heat from the vent right behind the motor. They sold one to real estate agent for him to use to show his clients land. He sold it because the back seat heat was too hot for his use. I hope you have a great experience with the 2-door.

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I have also heard the back seat can get overly warm with the Odes five seat model. The additional fan that is now used in the 2013, blows more hot air to the back seat. I have no I idea if the air off the motor could be routed differently than through the back vent. My daughter and son-in-law had a Kawasaki 4-seater Terex and they had the same problem with the back seat getting hot. In the winter time it was great, in the summer it was bad. I will for sure post more information when I get mine and get an opportunity to run it through its paces.

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ODES UTVS. How long can this last? Do you truly believe a “company” ran off of disloyal, backstabbing, lying, and manipulating employers and managers will hold? Your company is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. I'm truly surprised it has not happened yet. No doubt people who work there are already planning their departure. Why wouldn't they? They have a sales manager who lies to get ahead and does not care about who he leaves dead and bloody along the way. You have an owner who only cares about the bottom line and protecting his precious money maker yet does not give a seconds thought about the status of his employees. Let someone ask you how many employees you have been through in the past two years. Ask the ones who have quit or were fired what they thought of the company. You wont, because you already know the answer. Come on, “loyal” company that fires their employees over text and then goes through loopholes using high price lawyers so they cant get unemployment? The only way to get ahead there is to dress like a prostitute until the male management notices you, or to lie to everyone just to close the sale and make that dollar. This isn't a company. I agree when you call yourselves an “American Company”. Seeing as our politicians are all lairs and cheaters that seems to fit you just right. Although, since %100 of your product is made and assembled overseas begs the question of what at all is American. Its a nice slogan though, I mean it sells by tricking dealers to think they are getting something “different” from the typical Chinese crap. Your products are dangerous, yet anyone who even hints at that gets lawyers down their throat in order to stay quiet. You are a bunch of children. Your promises, commitments, guarantees are all lies. Who do you think your not anywhere the competition? Because you have to bad of a track record that keeps getting deeper. Is this the company that dealers would want to work with if they new the truth? I think not. Anything good you have there is just a rip off of someone else. That's all you are and that's all you will ever be, a rip off of something better.

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