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  2. We had our second gathering for the Oklahoma RZR Riders and this time it was thousands of people that joined us for Doin the Dunes at Little Sahara in Waynoka, Ok. I had the privilege of being the event organizer/coordinator and running film. Quite the task. Below is a great depiction of the weekend. Including a big air completion and giant train ride through the dunes.
  3. The first of many short films featuring side by sides. No one else is doing this so we are!
  4. Nope I just love both off-roading and making videos. I own all the equipment used and more. Thanks for the compliment. If you go to my channel you can see some of the others I have done.
  5. Here is my latest video. Shot using a quadcopter aerial camera rig.
  6. Hey guys, new to the forum and wanted to start off by showing you some of my recent work. If you like what you see and want to see more then SUBSCIRBE to my channel to see all my videos and future ones.

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