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  1. It’s a 2017 xrs yea I just got it three months ago new lol I couldn’t pass up the price ... only had 49 miles on it paid 19,000
  2. Baddeadpool


    My rides canam commander and my new baby on the way Canam X3. XRS turbo
  3. Baddeadpool


  4. Oh don’t buy ... get the turbo lol they are monsters
  5. Well I have 2017 x3 X RS if it was a turbo I could tell you lol the2017 has 157 hp and the 2018 has 175hp .. there isn’t any difference other the the new one if turbo has a bigger fan and inter coolerand down pipe
  6. You will need the bar , some utv come with one like the maverick x3 . But I had to install one in my commander, I got mine through amazon and it was a dragons fire ,very good product
  7. What maker is the X4s never heard of it now I have a x3 maverick. Love it

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