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    My first love has been motorcycles. I began riding in 1950 and have been riding ever since. Most of that time I had off road motorcycles. After needing some new parts, like knees and hips I thought it was time to go to 4 wheels. The new parts are nice but not as good as the OEM parts.<br /><br />My past interests include flying, sailing, SCUBA diving, Ham radio, music, and teaching. I'm a retired SVIA Chief Instructor and MSF Instructor.<br /><br />I retired from the phone company in California in 1986. <br /><br />I'm enjoying the Trooper and hope to meet many like minded people.<br /><br />Richard Peck AKA- Gumball

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  1. How many miles are on it? Was there any damage to the motor when your coolant line exploded (overheating)?