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  2. I had a fixed plastic full windshield made for my 08 Renigade at a cost of over $300, then had another built for my 09 Renigade at $400 and was very carefull when I washed it but still got scratched so I built a safty glass full windshield for less then $200 its the only way to go.
  3. I have a 08 Renegade with over 6000KM on it with now problems, and a 09 Rengade with over 2500 miles on it now with no problems either, but just ordered the new tapered wheel bearings and got lots of spare parts from Joyner before they closed the doors.
  4. check the ground wire on the back of your oil pressure gage, if it's like mine there is a small fiber washer and it shuld be removed, after I removed them from all my gages they all worked like new and have had no problems after that.
  5. Thanks for the info I had seen you post in the past and thats what I was looking for as I took it apart, not going to change the bolts as this is the front diff and dont use 4 wheel drive much, again thanks, Rick
  6. should the set screw be cranked down tight or does that pin need to spin?
  7. well I got the front diff out and took it apart it was the little set screw had come lose and the pin came out and was hitting the case, no damage to anything, I'm going to replace the slotted set screw with a allen one and some loctite.
  8. I'm going to try and pull it out in the morning and see what I can find
  9. I can only go forword or back about 10 ft then front diff locks and front wheels want to go different directions
  10. Hi on my 09 R2 the front diff is locked up and can't move in either direction any ideas will help thanks
  11. Hope you have your idel prob. worked out, you will get used to the noise from the filter but it is great sounding when you step on it. I took the end off the stock muffler and put half of a ss kitchen scrubby at the end then cut a piece of 1/4 in heavy screen and put the end back on, this cut down on the sharp noise with no side affects been running this mod for 2 years now.
  12. I used a pvc reducer to change to the right size of the filter neck works great, I have 2 R2s and never had a problem with the idel, R2s didnt seem to have the same diff problems as the Troppers my 08 has over 6k miles and no problems.
  13. On the R2 the flex hose that runs from intake to the air box is long enough to take off the air box and turn up and run between bed and cab, I mounted mine to the cross bar with a 2 hole strap, no drilling or cutting anything, used a short pice of pvc pipe to clamp between flex hose and filter. looks cool and sounds great when you dance on it. the oem air box leaks too much dirt past the filter and why have a filter intake right in front of the rear wheel? I havn't had to clean the new filter for a long time now.
  14. Hi Dave Thanks For the info, glade to hear your looking for a new US partner, now having two Renegades I will gladly wait till things settle down. keep us informed and again thanks Rick
  15. Hey guys yes its nice to have our own spot now, we liked the 08 Renegade so much after we were T-boned in it by a car we got the 09 right from Joyner even after a dealer gave us a great price on a Trooper but we wanted another Renegade, on the new one we upgraded to the safari bed and ITP wheels and Goodyear tires, best thing we did was the tires and wheels. Now I have to get going on the rebuild of the old one so I can use it for work (when Im not on a ride)

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