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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows if there are wheel bearings available that are better then stock?
  2. I am interested in the forged pistons how much will the low compression ones lower the ratio as my trooper has a turbo? And what is the pricing?
  3. You are correct you can't have those two sensors switched the one after the cat is monitoring efficiency so it's looking for a consistent value not up down up down like your 02. What kind of o2 sensors did you use and part number?
  4. That's good news I was thinking of trying to find a company to build me some custom pistons. Let me know when you have some ready to go I would love to crank up my waste gate!
  5. No the sender isn't working the sending unit is toast I metered it. I just grounded the sensing wire to varify that the gauge was working and it is.
  6. I grounded the sensing wire and the gauge went to zero from pinned so it's the sensor. I Dont think it enjoys being close to the exhaust.
  7. I think this product will work better I think this is the one I am going to use. http://www.flex-a-lite.com/auto/html/sandwich-adapters.html
  8. I did think of that but I think it's just one more line that will get ripped off or leak.
  9. Does anyone know an oil pressure sending unit that I can sub out instead of the factory one my second one is toast. I think an old style one off a 70's dodge would work but I can't compare resistance because mine is toast. Does anyone have any ideas or part numbers for something I can get at napa or a resistance spec?
  10. how can i get those upgrade kits for the front and rear diff?
  11. I just completed my fox shock install and it was a bit more work than i expected but the pay off was worth it. I had to redo my front upper shock mounts the new ones were to tall. I took it for a good hard ride and its completely different machine it is one of the better mods i have done so far.
  12. I just installed new fox 2.0 8.5" travel rear shocks on my trooper. I first tried the an 8 inch 350 tender seemed a bit soft so i put a 10 inch 400 that i was going to use on the fronts on the back for a tender and it seems like it holds in up way better. I am going to get an 8 inch 400 for the rear and still use the 10 inch 400 and 8 inch 300 for the front. I havnt tried it out yet but just wondering what everyones thoughts are on this if I should put the 8 inch 350s in or go with the 400s.
  13. are you running fox 2.0 8.5" travel on the rear? I just installed fox 2.0 on the rear i have 400 over 600 they seem to hold the unit up good. how is the 500 over 600 does it seem stiff?

  14. My electra steer is working great so far. I have went for a couple rides so far and its flawless. I like hope it has good assist but gives you good feed back. Time will tell if it is the answer I drive in allot of wet conditions so we will see how it holds up in the long run.
  15. What is everyone running for tires on there troopers? I am searching for a set of mud bogger tires for my trooper something in the area of 28 or 29 inch tall and 10.5 wide. I currently have 30 inch mud lights but I think if i go to 6 ply automotive type tire i should go a little smaller for power and to save the axles and diffs.

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