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  1. Blaze379

    Second Battery

    Ok, it's awhile. New update, installed two large dry cell batteries under the seat. One for the stereo and the other is the engine battery. Installed a relay between then so when the engine is running both batteries charge. I also replaced the stock starter with one from the xtx 1000. Much better torque.
  2. Blaze379

    Finally Done

    I did alot of research and found ( in my opinion ) that the Arctic Cat gave me the most for my money. Since I have gotten it, I am very happy with my choice. We camped at mile marker 4 over Thanksgiving.......
  3. Blaze379

    Finally Done

    A day out at Superstition
  4. Blaze379

    Finally Done

    Ready for desert season
  5. Blaze379

    Second Battery

    Ok... not real sure how to do that, but I will look into it thanks
  6. Blaze379

    Second Battery

    I am installing a second battery in my 07 Prowler. How do I wire it up so the stereo doesn't drain the main battery, but the second battery can still charge
  7. Blaze379

    Come On People!!!!

    I am not looking to down talk any other side by side out there.... As for the Rhino, I will agree it is a DOG....slow, gutless, expensive. Actually, I like all of them. We AC people are new to the SxS market and just looking to show we are equal ( if not better )
  8. Blaze379

    Come On People!!!!

    I can't beleive this section is empty... lets see your version of the best side by side out there!!! Stock to modified, Arctic Cat blows away all the rest.