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  2. What kinds of jacks are guys running on their troopers? I see guys using scissor jacks on other SxS’s but I don’t see that working here.(I could be wrong) Does anyone use a hi lift? What pick points do you use? Was thinking I could hook in to the bar next to the seat and pick the whole side if need be.
  3. I got it on amazon, it’s made by empi. They have several configurations. They’re made for Volkswagens of higher displacement so I figured this would get me the flow I need, I run 24 discs with a turbo. That being said my exhaust came modified because I bought my unit with the unleashed motorsports turbo kit installed. I had to cut the elbow off the cat and weld on a 2” straight section to mount this to, then I made a bracket to support it. What they gave me was no muffler and an elbow pointing right at the tire, no way to mount a spark arrest which meant I basically couldn’t
  4. It always fires but then dies right away, really seems fuel related. Starting to think it could be related to the dual fuel pump set up for the turbo. Haven't had much time to mess with it lately. Have an appointment to have a warranty repair done.
  5. I've tried a lot of different things, checked everything again and again.(voltages, fuel pressure, resistance of sensors etc.). They're sending me a throttle body since it's still under warranty after that I'm taking it to a shop and they're paying to have it fixed. It's brand new, I shouldn't have to bury all these hours into it already.
  6. I tried adding grounds, all factory stuff was tight and clean. Always fires, just dies immediately. Crack the throttle and it runs fine, hold it for 10-30 seconds and it will idle. Then sometimes it's totally fine.
  7. Looks like throttle position sensor is way out of range. 5.6k ohms vs the 1.8-2.4 reference range. They're sending one out on warranty.
  8. Email sent, I will check it I have all the tools here. I actually had planned to anyway as the fuel pressure had been set way too high(80 psi at idle) by the turbo installer. I was concerned the cylinders may have been washed down. Anyway thanks for the help.
  9. I definitely don't want to just be changing parts but I don't have the specs for anything so that's been their way of handling it since it's still under warranty. It doesn't even have 100 miles on it. I'll email you thanks.
  10. I've had a 2016 trooper for a few months, it's never worked properly. I'm about ready to take it to a dealer for warranty work but it's a little far so I'm trying to avoid it. It on occasion will not start. It took a while to figure out that if I open the throttle just a little bit it will fire, I then have to hold it open for anywhere from five to thirty seconds for it to idle on it's own. Other times it fires right off no problem. It's turbocharged, and has two pumps. I've verified that the fuel pressure is correct. Joyner has had me swap a bunch of parts to eliminate the
  11. Got my spark arrestor installed, the way they did the exhaust for the turn I couldn't make one fit before. Only had .045 dual shield on hand but I made it work. Didn't get enough discs so I didn't put the cap on yet. Turned out pretty good though. One photo shows how it was, elbow too short to mount anything to. Also would've put on top of the tire.
  12. Not sure if the bolt patterns are the same between the 800 and the 1100, but the 800 chery motor is used by both Kawasaki and John Deere in cvt side by sides.
  13. Not certain of the manufacturer but our 2016 came with a remote reservoir shock(has a Joyner sticker on it). Wasn't aware they came with these
  14. Probably be a week or two before I really get it out. I'm in central Washington, up in the mountains. Im only a five minute drive from many miles of forest service roads. I've got sand dunes about an hour drive from here as well, this thing is going to see a lot of use.

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