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  2. Chippers Direct Online: Tazz K32 (3") 212cc Chipper / Shredder With Viper Engine has a 20:1 waste reduction very nice mulch best on the market @ $599. I have about 9 acres and lots of small limbs/leaves and have used it about 5 hours with no problems.
  3. I made a Tow bar (3/8 x 3 x 13" Aluminum (2) pcs.req'd
  4. Thanks for your input and I was hoping someone had something available, I am a Machinist of 45 years and can fabricate something that will function. I only have a small hitchpin trailer I need to tow. Thanks again
  5. I just purchased a NOS 2015 Sector 250 and need to know if a rear hitch is available for this model?
  6. That is the Vendor I dealt with. He also has a facebook page. He has only been a seller on e-bay since March 2. 2017 and he lists all items as Private so you can't contact other buyers or bidders.He also used the same VIN on 2 different listings on this Model and also goes by William Motor Works
  7. I found this on e-bay but never could find any service or parts vendor. I almost bought one but after investigating I believe it's a SCAM. The seller is buying Feedback to look good and he offered me a reduced price BEFORE the auction ended(I was not high bidder). I asked him to send an Invoice and the address on the invoice is not his (It is in Asburn,VA and I searched it on Googled maps and contacted a business in the same building and they never heard of his store. I have reported him to e-bay but he is still selling. I would stay away from this seller if that is where you found this UTV as
  8. From my research this looks like a scam...........found it on E-bay under UTV's
  9. L'm looking at UTV's and found one I like and at a great price. It's made in China/Canada but very little info out there. Has anyone know of this unit? 2016 Evolution EVOL 1100SXS 2016 - Evolution 1100SXS - UTV 4x4 - Hydraulic Bed - Winch

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