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2016 - Evolution 1100SXS - UTV 4x4


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On 3/20/2017 at 6:42 PM, wezl99 said:

does anyone have information on evol evolution 1100sxs

I found this on e-bay but never could find any service or parts vendor. I almost bought one but after investigating I believe it's a SCAM. The seller is buying Feedback to look good and he offered me a reduced price BEFORE the auction ended(I was not high bidder). I asked him to send an Invoice and the address on the invoice is not his (It is in Asburn,VA and I searched it on Googled maps and contacted a business in the same building and they never heard of his store. I have reported him to e-bay but he is still selling. I would stay away from this seller if that is where you found this UTV as no one in the US is selling this model and no other information can be found. 

eBay item number:
132139608495 Ends today He has listed this item 4 different times
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43 minutes ago, Kinarfi said:

high light "evol evolution 1100sxs" and have google do a search, it comes up with a Utube video by William Motor Sports ,

I did see a Chery engine, but I don't think it's Joyner, maybe similar to a Kimco or some other chinese rig

That is the Vendor I dealt with. He also has a facebook page.  He has only been a seller on e-bay since March 2. 2017 and he lists all items as Private so you can't contact other buyers or bidders.He also used the same VIN on 2 different listings on this Model and also goes by William Motor Works

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