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  1. jaybrown


  2. no gonna use the internal parts from the ltd to make my motor run
  3. chain driven cam picking up a kawi ltd 454 motor and carbs this weekend and gonna tear it down to see if it will work
  4. no push rods which is good as its a doubble over head cam
  5. single pipe from 2 cylinders??????
  6. ok let me know im pretty sure in 2 weeks i wont have the bottom end done what i meant by the exhuast pipe is mine is a twin where the exhaust leaves the head what does the pipe look like where it leaves the head to the muffler?
  7. cylinder head is great what does the pipe look like from the head to the muffler? is it a y pipe or header?
  8. nothing wrong with my crank case
  9. here is the motor number i think the ltd 454 parts will work
  10. here is a few pic of the motor
  11. i will check and post pictures this weekend
  12. valve guides look even i dont have lube yet as i want to get all the parts first and not sure about the cam compresion release
  13. the piston is scored but not that bad i think a new set of rings and it will be ok the valves and cam all look good where can i find a shop manual for it so i can see how this motor all goes back together?
  14. does the 450 kawi 450 bike motor have the same carbs as this motor?
  15. cylinder walls are in great shape

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