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  1. Yup. It was hard to see because of the dirt and age. It's stamped on the frame, looking at the front radiator grill, it's either on the left or right, at about the midpoint, as I remember it. I will post a video of the finished product. Soon!
  2. I got a notice people are replying a few minutes ago. No vin. Working on an electrical install. Will post update when I'm at a laptop. Typing from a phone.
  3. That's the same mule. Not the same one I have here but you couldn't tell the difference except for the light switch. You can see he's removed the ignition key but otherwise it's the same setup on the dash, no indicator lights apart from the red one which means ??? and it's on. I assumed it's an overtemp indicator.
  4. Also, if you know the light is missing, what is the part number? I would like to look at an image or sketch of it to determine if that was the part that hooked into the 6-pin block. In general, if I could find a parts blow-up, of that dash area, I could determine what is missing. I did call Yamaha dealerships service departments. They weren't much help.
  5. My guess is the right side had a 4 or 2 wheel drive option. However this unit does not have 4 wheel drive, so originally it may have had a sticker over it.
  6. HI! Thanks for the forum. I am currently installing a turn signal and horn kit on a Mule 2500 that was gifted to the local ranch owner. His health is not so great, and other than a car, he has no other way to get into town. The driveway is a mile long... Attached are some photos. The prior owner disconnected the parking brake light grounding/indicator cable. I fixed it and reconnected it (shown in photo). Following the wiring harness, there is a 6-pin block (see second photo) up front, nothing plugged into it. I have what I think, is a fairly accurate wiring diagram. Problems: I cannot find the VIN anywhere on the vehicle. I have no paperwork on it and neither does the owner. We know who owned it previously but he doesn't have paperwork on it either. I have looked NUMEROUS places, and googled it. I do not know the year. There does not seem to be any indicator light for the parking brake. I think the light was physically removed from the dash (see third photo). What parts are missing? What are they named/part numbers if you have them? What I have done so far: Fixed the parking brake switch Fixed the brake lights, the wiring in the back was pulled out, cut, a mess. (fixed) Added a third center high brake light, tying it to the wiring harness. Positioned just below the air intake. (added) Added bright red LED strip lights, at the inner side of the rear downtubes, to be used later for the turn signal indicators. Ready to order a $15 steering column strap-on switch for hazards and turn signals. Image descriptions: Parking brake switch (fixed) What are these? They were bundled up underneath the dash with a ziptie. The beige block has the red wire return from the parking brake. Wiring diagram. These seem close to the existing vehicle. Dash photo. So you can see what is missing and let me know.
  7. I'm having fun with this, Travis! Thanks so much!

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