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  1. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne

  2. Thanks Travis, I figured it out. Was sort of a B to get off. Still won't start. Just ordered a relay switch.
  3. Just a new pump. Gonna try it. Do I have to remove the bracket holding the pump or just work the pump out? Don't really want to break the bracket. Thank you.
  4. OK so far,charged battery. Also changed plugs,am getting fuel through filter, not receiving fuel to carb. By passed fuel relay switch and nothing. Still cranking good. Any body have clues? Fuel pump?
  5. OK Travis first thanks for responding. Purchased tester and coils appear to be good. Removed line from pump to carb and looks like no fuel getting to carb. I guess it looks like fuel pump.
  6. Have not tested coils. It is a 3010,motor FD620D. It has been rough idle since I got it.
  7. Mule will not start. Turns over like crazy. Replaced plugs,oil is good.Does have one year old fuel filter. Has one year old filters pretty much throughout. Thinking maybe fuel issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Does anyone know if the lug nuts are Left or Right hand?. Thanks

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