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  2. Hi, Just purchased a 2015 Massimo 400 EFI. While I was cleaning the air filter sponge I noticed fuel was dripping out of the air box. Any ideas where this may be coming from? Since it has electronic fuel injection I wouldn't think a carb float would be stuck or something like that. Any advice is appreciated.
  3. So the Hisun Oil filter was the only one that worked. It had a much rounder gasket than any of the others. The supertech leaked the least but still leaked under pressure. The Hisun pictured above was $8.00 plus $7.75 shipping off of Amazon. Hope this is helpful to someone. The UTV is a 2015 Massimo 400.
  4. I ordered a Hisun and a K&N hp-1003. Will post if one or the other works. Thanks.
  5. I ordered a HiSun and a K&N hp-1003. Will post if one or the other works. Thanks.
  6. Have a Missimo 400utv. I have tried wix, fram and supertech from the list referenced above and all have leaked when the engine is running. Juat fyi.

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