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  1. does anybody have a good source for UTV parts re: brake rotors and pads or Cub Cadet parts.
  2. redwood61


  3. Cub cadet now had a snow blade designed for t UTV . Not t case when I bought mine. I would look at this one ask about t guage metal as you sure to run over hidden objects that can/will bend you plow. Let us know what you decided to get . Post pix.
  4. Thanks we gir te moose in 2014 t cub spent 4 hours pulling it 10 ft st a time towards the road . Somewhere are those pictures a once in a life time event. So its paid its do. Now go out a get that 10 pointer. Ps we only count one side in Canada . Another 40 days and t snow blade goes back on. Order lots of snow !
  5. Hi Mustang: I've been an Cub Cadet owner for 10 years, this brand and kubada are kinda the same, it costs more to service them at the dealer but any mechanic can do that for you once or twice a year depending on how much you use it. It's made by Kolhor (german). with the farm/orchard in mind. I paid $15k for mine in 2008. they don't go much over 40 km / hour but it you want reliability/dependability this is your unit. mine has a caterpillar 20 hp diesel engine but they offer it in a yamar diesel or gas model. you'll be happy you bought one, other models I'ld
  6. Yes I have the same unit with the 20 hp Cat. Diesel engine. it's been good . I use it in the fall for hunting and winter for snow removal. you want a local person to service it. as the dealer is quite expensive. It's hauled everything. ! it's built a little heavier than your average UTV.
  7. on a recent hunting trip, my radiator over heated on my Cub Cadet (diesel model) I replaced the relay for the fan. ! any idea's what I should be next. it's 10 years old, would the fan be a random replacement item ?
  8. I did the same to my Volunteer 440. with LED lights. I use those and a pair of wide angle lights on my roof rack. the size of the battery is small so every 3 years I have to replace mine, a charge when it's cold out overnight is helpfull. to a happy season ahead. !

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