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  2. It only has a rear center brake system
  3. I have done this process before on cars but was wondering if there was a sequence it must be done has I have used 1 litre of fluid and brakes are no better.
  4. Just replaced master brake cylinder and have been bleeding the brakes with no success. Is there any sequence in which they have to be done?
  5. It had a anti freeze leak and temp sensor was gone also.
  6. There is a place in northern Ontario that has a good selection of Hisun parts called ATV Wharehouse. They also advertise on ebay.
  7. I checked the fuse and it is good to the fan . The machine is the same has the power max 700 rough rider.
  8. My 700nk nordik is over heating The cooling fan is not cutting in but checked it on a battery and it works. Also it went low on antifreeze but did not take any from full reserve tank.Ifilled it up but could not see a leak. So could I hook fan up direct?
  9. I have a nordik 700 k that is over heating and it seems the cooling fan is not working but checked it on a battery and it works fine. When I got home the antifreeze was low but filled it up and see no leaks but noticed the reserve tank was full and it did not take any from it.

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