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  2. Hi all...I am looking for a reliable mechanic near the last Vegas area to help maintain my 2016 Sand Viper 1100cc. Any suggestions?
  3. @Dan B You're the man, Dan! I really appreciate your insights on all of this, it is going to help big time in my UTV search. If you dont mind me asking, I am going to be looking at a used 2016 Sand Viper 1100cc...are there any 'common issues' with UTVs that I should keep an eye out for that may be a red flag on the condition of the UTV? Any other comments you can think of in regards to maintaining the 1100cc models?
  4. *NEW JOYNER OWNER* Hey all - I am a soon to be Joyner owner and I have been reading up on them quite a bit, but finding limited information on them. It seems there are many out there that swear by them, but even more that say they are Chinese crap ha. I am in the market for a 2016 Sand Viper 1100cc...any recommendations on what factory parts (if any) I should be replacing on it to make it as mechanically sound as possible (without breaking the bank). I will be using this in a very casual and fun capacity. How do you think it will hold up in the outskirt deserts of Las Vegas to d
  5. @Dan B Thanks again, Dan. What exactly is a trailer dolly? Apologies for the amateurism, but trying to learn as much as possible!
  6. @Dan B I really appreciate your reply. Do you have a general opinion on the Joyner Sand Viper 1100cc, if youre familiar with it? I understand it may not be the highest quality rig on the market, but I am a very novice off-roader and looking for something to start with that I can have some fun with. I will be running it in the outskirts of vegas and plan to encounter a bit of rough terrain, but nothing crazy in regards to size of rocks or crazy inclines. Any opinion on how it may handle in different types of conditions?
  7. Any advice on where to look for a trailer for my UTV? I am about to purchase a 2016 Joyner Sand Viper 1100cc and need to find a trailer for it. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello, First time buggy/UTV buyer here and I have been looking at a 2016 Joyner Sand Viper 1100cc. First of all, and overall comments on that particular model or recommendations? I am a very amateur rider and am just looking to have some occasional fun in the surrounding desert areas of Vegas as well as do some low key canyons and small mountain areas. Main question is, what are the options to tow the buggy aside from trailering it? I have been looking into a tow bar but am finding very limited information on anyone installing a way to connect a tow bar to the rig and tow it

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