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  1. Thanks for that, Remy. I didn't realize that there was a 12 volt system at all! I will get to digging in on these suggestions on Sunday afternoon. Many thanks to all!
  2. I get 6.3 volts at each switch pole. I haven’t identified the solenoid or actuator yet
  3. This is an all electric SxS. There is voltage at the switch but I do not where it goes from there. Hisun will not let me see a schematic. Getting to and from my servicing dealer is a full day and $200 trailer rental. Hoping to get some guidance on where to look. I presume there is a solenoid and some kind of actuator. Anyone know what those look like? Pics? Thanks.
  4. The dashboard display shows a blinking “o”. Four wheel drive does not engage. The accustomed engagement sound is no longer heard. Has anyone a suggestion on where I might troubleshoot? Thanks.
  5. I thought it might be a trouble code. I checked the long list of codes in my manual but I was only looking for 45C. Is there a place where I might find the complete code for redlining the battery temp? Thanks
  6. Our new Sector E1 electric has 45 miles on the odo. It frequently goes into shutdown mode after a few minutes of putzing around the farm. Instrument panel gives a flashing message “45C”. I presume that this means the batteries are overheated. The temperature indicator is maxxed. No stunt driving involved, just the grandkids bumping along in low range across the pasture. Of course, the owners manual does not reference this condition. We park it for a while and it returns to normal; at least until the next overheat. Has anyone else been bothered by this?
  7. Akovia


  8. We have a Hisun Sector EV that is hard for the grandkids to steer. Has anyone heard of adding power steering to this model? Thanks!

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