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  1. Hi Travis, Pretty sure I did that already. Good thought for me to double check that. This is what made me ask about the converter. I will check this tomorrow. Sure do appreciate the support here. I will post back this weekend.
  2. Hey Travis. It is belt driven. I am going to disassemble the clutch area this weekend. Maybe I will find something in there. If I did a video, what were you thinking it would be of? The vibration while its moving?
  3. I have a pretty bad vibration on accelloration at speeds, not from a stand still. U-joints & center support are fine, no slippage in the clutch, engine is fine, runs normal. Wheels, brakes, bearings all good, CV joints ok and really nothing obvious causing this vibration. I am wondering about the Drive Convertor. Does anyone know what a bad convertor can produce as far as problems go. I have not diss assembled or inspected it yet. I have replaced the clutch a few times over the 26 years.

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