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  1. Go to ebay and search for kawasaki mule 2510 or whatever model fuel pump. It will be an aftermarket drop in replacement. They are all the same up to 2007 and sell for about 15 or 16 dollars. Install new fuel pump with new filter. Make sure to plug hose from fuel filter to connector marked ( in) on pump and hose to carb is connected to (out) on pump. Best take a syringe and prime new pump with fuel into hose from the top of tank. It will save starter and battery. It is normal for pump to make clicking noise. You can also put hand on pump and turn engine over and feel the pump working.
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  3. Kawasaki mule 2500 coolant / parking brake warning bulb is part #92069-1020. You can find these on ebay or order from dealer.

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