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  2. I bought mine February 2nd, it’s May 21 now and still no light at end of tunnel regarding recall parts - verified with dealer weeks ago that they are in fact on order and have been. Called Kawasaki customer service and all they could tell me is get with my dealer - no help whatsoever. 3 months and 20 days is ridiculous. I’m not buying one for fun , I need one because my farm really demands it. As a result, I threw in the towel today. Went down and bought a Polaris XP 1000 and it’s in my shop tonight. Calling dealer tomorrow to get my money back. I hope Kawasaki reads this post.
  3. Yes, it is that dealer- I personally went in to dealership parts dept and they have the engine recall parts, just not steering parts for that recall. Parts guy said they ordered those April 1st - not sure what too so long to put order in. One thing I did find out is that recall parts are ordered by VIN number- Kawasaki requires that to track which units are still outstanding for recall. So, parts coming in are not on a first come first serve basis - dealer is obligated to have them put on the machine they were shipped for by VIN number when they come in
  4. I’m in Conway and have been waiting on mine since February 2nd - still no light at end of tunnel.
  5. Your wheels and hood don’t look standard for any of the models offered (or Kawasaki accessories). Did you change these out or what? Love them and would like more info on them.
  6. Just contacted my dealer today and, while part kits are on order, no kits yet. He told me my mule has been prep’d and will be first one to get parts when they come in. Maybe tomorrow or next week?
  7. I spoke to my dealership yesterday - they actually called me. They have more than 20 units sold waiting on the parts, but they told me I am near top of list based on my purchase date - I guess they are treating parts as first sold, first gets parts, Anyway, they told me parts are shipped and should be here next week at latest if they don’t arrive today or tomorrow.
  8. Is this $500 accessory credit in addition to the $500 rebate that was offered? Or are you referring to the same offer?
  9. We bought a 2019 Pro FXT EPS 3 weeks ago and dealer still cannot release it and had no info on when delivery can take place. We were offered the $500 rebate at the time. I’m hoping this is resolved before end of March as I really would like delivery by then. Fingers crossed.....

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