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  1. Ashley Meeks

    Ashley Meeks

  2. We picked up our Mule Friday afternoon. Been waiting since the first day of stop sale! I know Kawasaki customer service will be glad to not hear from my husband and me anymore on the stop sale issue 😂😂
  3. My dealer told me they already have the parts for the heat shield problem. Now they are waiting on the steering shaft parts and are supposed to be here by the end of the week. One part came from KY the other (the one they are still waiting on) was coming from California. It has shipped and they are tracking it. I better have my buggy by Saturday or I'm going to buy a Canam. This whole situation is driving me insane. Been waiting since the day they did the stop sale Dec 17th!!? Went to sign the papers and they were like OMG we can't sell it. The email came through right when we were fixing to s
  4. Finally got my hands on this today. Corporate was hoping to hear from govt today on approved recall but did not. Now they are saying 3 more weeks 😫

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