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  2. Yes sir, $500 cash back (January) and $500 accessories credit (February) -- given the wait, I had dealer use the full $1000 on accessories.
  3. My dealer just got parts this morning (purchased on Jan. 20th) - I should have it by the weekend!
  4. I talked to both my dealer and Kawasaki customer care today - both had similar status to relay - and similar to other posts. The parts to repair the fire hazard/exhaust manifold cover issue are already here (at the dealership). The parts to address the steering shaft issue have yet to ship - with their current projection for receiving them as the end of this month (~April 30th). So best case looks like early May for delivery of these units. I guess that assumes the dealerships stay open (mine is for now).
  5. My dealer told me (yesterday) that parts were still not available and were at least 2 weeks out... frustrating - don't know what to believe.

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