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  1. Bruce40


  2. Any news anyone ? Iowa dealer called me yesterday. Mine is ready. Hmmm. Might be a bit ill today. HA !!
  3. Stopped at my dealer today. Wednesday scheduled pick up of new mule.
  4. Incentive dollats of 500 parts and 500 cash dont go far.
  5. I stopped at my dealer last tuesday. They informed me that their Kawasaki rep contacted them to verify how many they still had on hold via 500 $ deposit. I assume this is to make sure just enough kits go to each dealer to get those units out the door. But yes y such a secret? Virus is not helping im sure at this point . But in Jan/Feb it was different reasons. So your alls guess as to hush hush is as good as mine.
  6. large grains. Its anyones guess . Way to many variables
  7. I stopped at my Iowa dealer today. They have 5 mules spoken for via deposit. Sounds like they are hoping to get 5 repair kits mid April. Kawai called and asked how many they still had spoken for. But as for the rest of the inventory who knows. . Thats from sales staff. Take with a grain of salt at this point. I dont think anyone really knows. Anyone will say anything positive about parts arrival to help avoid the loss of sale.
  8. Waiting since Jan. Another month due to covid is not a big deal. Besides. I dont need anymore bills right now anyway.
  9. Something else yes. However. What kind of rebates and sales tactics will they offer once this gets better. ? My dealer is down 2800 from advertised price and also is giving me any further incentives that kawai may offer. But yes im tired of waiting. Snow is gone here in iowa and we are ready to play
  10. Our dealer said they were unable to sell. Warranty can not start while sale hold is active. They said. We gave 500 to hold that particular one.

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