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  2. Got mine a week ago. It's well worth the wait. Be sure you have a seat belt plugged into the driver's spot if not you won't go over 10mph. Found that out the hard way.
  3. I called kawasaki on monday and they told me nothing has shipped to any store yet. These parts are made overseas and with the covid bs they have no idea when they will arrive. But parts are ordered. Only problem is they will sit in customs for 10-14 days before they ship from there.
  4. There were two recalls. My dealer got the parts in for one of them but nothing for the fire hazard though. Still waiting.
  5. I did the same thing. I guess it just depends what your dealer does and how your dealer considers you. I would say if you put a deposite down on the unit then you are technically an owner. And that's how my dealer considered me. That's not to say yours will do the same.
  6. My salesman told me they were not allowed to order them until the 27th and that was only for utvs that were already sold. My dealer put me down as an owner and got them coming in. Either way I should find out Wednesday if everything is in and they are repairing it. If we are allowed to leave our houses. Hahaha.
  7. I talked to the parts department at my dealer and they ordered my parts for the recall this last Thursday and said they should be there on Tuesdays. So parts are on there way in and I should be getting mine this next week.
  8. I was offered the 500 off the sales price along with a 500 in accessories. So mine is coming with a roof and a rear view mirror. From what I've heard from Kawasaki it should only be a couple more weeks at the most and this should be done.

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