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  1. I might start calling Kawasaki and asking them now. I would expect once the pipeline of steering parts started it will do nothing but increase as long as needed. It seems to take most dealers around a week to get the part installed. If I had to guess... I would say over a month to pick it up. Hope i'm wrong.=
  2. Mind if I share? I have a 4 year old and a 5 year old girl. I'm doing it all solo. I'm a work from home EE with a huge French company, who came back to me this week with there is nothing they can do for me in the middle of this pandemic. With no school, no daycare and no options from my company, I had quit yesterday. My silver lining is I got this Mule FX already paid for -and last Christmas I bought 20 acres near the family farm. There is a class 1 trout stream (restocking not needed) running through the bottom of the land and another 10 acres tillable up top. 80% of the surrounding land be
  3. Just got an email from my dealer; "Good news today, your recall kit has been released from Kawi and is on the way from California. "
  4. Congratulations John! More than a little envious - but with inches of snow predicted here I guess i can wait. Thanks to you all, I asked the right question; I'm #2 in a line of 7 at St Boni Motor sports. The initial recall mods have already been done. Edited: wait, 'you're next in line' is what i tell people who aren't and Johns not reading these posts - he's out riding!
  5. I went to a motorcycle show and got a voucher/coupon that I had to validate online - when I told the dealer i went to the show, he sighed and said 'let me guess..' - That's when I said I wanted the veterans discount too. Guess i can't claim to never even taken a free meal for being a vet anymore. Oddly enough, they never asked me for the online code.
  6. A recall is a big deal, some more than others. I started in a medical device manufacturer and still want to say the 'R word'. The conspiracy part of me thinks they knew about the steering shaft for a while and just told people 'you were abusing it'. Later, they started getting reports of fires in the winter 'I was just pushing snow and it started on fire' is a hard argument. so now you have to talk to the gov't, who you tell the second week 'since we're such a responsible company, and we already have the paperwork going - give us a chance to fix this steering shaft that people are abusing'.
  7. It's a number they picked, oddly enough the lowest number they could and still keep some customers - personally, I got $500 accessory, 500 cash, 500 time to ride, 500 Kawi Kash and 250 veteran discount. it doesn't make the waiting any easier, but...
  8. I kind of let the Kawasaki rep off the hook when I said 'if its a safety issue then I know the answer if I offer to bring it back when the parts arrive' and he gave the answer i knew he would. He said the steering parts were originally being sourced from china, but then they started getting them made (I don't remember - far east country - sorry). He did say they were prioritizing the few that were slated to come in and they had talked to my dealer already. Said end of April - for whatever that's worth.
  9. Just from an engineering / manufacturing point of view (I'm electrical, so grain of salt here) the cover should be a stamped piece, or maybe even molded - same difference, you make one and then you make 10000. the steering shaft, now that has to be cut, maybe turned, maybe threaded, Someone has to touch each one - that's the part that's going to be as rare as TP (sorry) - Since i got ya, I have put every incentive dollar into dressing my pro-fx out; adventure package and curtis plow. I am coming unglued waiting for it.
  10. Heard from Kawasaki on Sunday - Same as West 5757. Heard from dealer parts department today - saying 2nd week in April for steering shaft. Down paid is considered owner - top of the list. Thanks all for the updates.

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