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  1. sorry beat u to punch done it all now to remove outer casing on wiring harness to check for bad or damaged wire said before signals tails speed sensor diff lock 2 and 4 wd activator all on ignition and start solenoid key off nothing with key off turn key on everything works then maybe next time nothing or it would start or maybe not .like i say nothing works with key off
  2. thats the problem iam the warranty yes it is 10amp i drove around plowed field wet lands 4ways operating headlites signal lites brake lites 4wd activated diff locked nothing shut off walked away come back 10-15 minutes later turned key nothing no headlites turnsignals .no rollover replaced 10amp fuse started rite up wtf thanks again gremlin
  3. Boxing hello i have a 2019 hisun 550 blowing 10 amp fuses for signal and speed sensor turn signals not when running as far as i no it doesnt shut down just when u go to start because no start replace fuse starts up and runs no dash lites .like i say everything works couple days still works maybe and hr no go or start any ideas replaced ignition switch
  4. yes my name is glen  i have a  hs 550 utv that pops 10 amp fuse for start runs 4ways signal lites speed sensor   4wd and locking diff  periodcally dont no till u go to start  because all stuff is ignition run any ideas  ready to burn

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